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 "Nature has always been used as the source of inspiration and motif in art, but it has usually been necessary to view this art in urban surroundings. The idea behind the gallery of Kronborg was to bring art into nature and thereby create a new meeting place for culture."

Lena Langvand Samuelsen and Runa Gulliksen, the first initiators. (Link to Kronborg's first website).


Galleri Kronborg is an artist-driven, non-profit exhibition platform. Through a collaboration with Bergen Municipality, the project disposes of the ruins from the former mountain hut, Kronborg, on Rundemanen, one of the mountains surrounding Bergen.
Galleri Kronborg has focused on creating a platform for conceptual and process oriented works in an untraditional setting. The limited infrastructure offered by the gallery means that works are left unattended for longer periods of time  and exposed to the weather. This offers artists and producers a host of new challenges, but also opportunities to work with. Among them are questions regarding ethics of interventions, site-specificity and accessibility. Galleri Kronborg runs a bi-annual open call for both local and international artists, from whom between 4 - 5 artists or collectives are selected for each semester. In the curatorial process, focus is given to artists whose works engage into the main criteria stated above.
The gallery aims to create opportunities for exploring contemporary art outside of the field's traditional structures, and to use its unique location to target a wide and diverse audience.


Galleri Kronborg is a conceptual art gallery located two hundred meters south of the mountain peak Rundemanen in Bergen. The Gallery takes place in an old ruin, and consists of a small, open room. This is the only thing left behind a cabin called Kronborg. The original building was built in 1905 and has had several owners over the years. It was used frequently until 1973. Left in a very bad condition, Kronborg was demolished in April 2010, leaving behind the remains of a small open room and a stone staircase.

Since its founding in 2009 the gallery has been run by artists on a voluntary basis under various initiators educated at the Art Academy of Bergen. Through the years, the project has taken on different forms. Among these is a comprehensive collaboration with Prøverommet as well as the Faculty of Art at the University of Bergen: from 2012 to 2016, “Site Group” was run by Corrina Thornton by the mean of workshops for students  for her research project within “Topographies of the Obsolete”. 

Lorie Ballage (FR)

Oda Tungodden (NO)

Tia Casper (CA)

Louise Butler (IE)


For every autumn and spring period, Galleri Kronborg launch an open call for the next coming calendar. A number of five participants is chosen per calls.

The deadline for our Spring 2023 open call will be open on November 15 2022, with a deadline on December 12, 2022. The applicants will receive an answer by the end of December 2022.

Autumn semester : August - December

Spring semester : February - June


Applications must be written in english as one pdf-file (max 5mb) containing the following information:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • CV (max one page) 

  • Artist Statement 

  • Portfolio (max ten images) 

  • Description of the exhibition or project proposal (max one page)

  • Images, or sketches of the proposed project. (max six images)

  • Preferences of exhibition dates 

Send application to

For any enquiry, please contact us by email to

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